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European Travel Advice UK is the one stop shop for European travel deals where you can find cheap flights to Europe, channel crossings to France, bus travel and European rail travel.

You can navigate to pages to find information on how to apply for a passport online or how to get your European Health Insurance card if you live in the UK. There are also checklists to help make your trip go a little smoother, a travel shop with all the travel accessories you are likely to need for your trip and much more including some of the best places to visit in Europe. Pretty much all the European travel advice you need on one website, including a range of Holiday Packages for Europe.

You can plan your trip around your proposed mode of travel. If you looking for cheap flights to Europe, you can check where you can fly from and to with price comparisons. There is also a price comparison facility for airport parking and car hire options at your required destination.

Likewise if you are crossing to France on a cross channel ferry, you will find information on all the different requirements for driving in Europe. These include price comparisons for cross channel ferries, stopover options, breakdown cover, car insurance and route planning assistance. You will also need to find out what the legal requirements are for driving in Europe to ensure you don’t get caught out and fined for some minor indiscretion, this is covered under general motoring advice.

If you are planning to travel to Europe by rail, you will find information on European rail travel via an English speaking website with general advice on what options are available to you. This includes Motorail if you are looking to take your car with you.

Bus and coach travel to Europe is an often overlooked option, which actually is a very affordable way for a European Traveller to get over to Europe and see a few sights. There are many pre-arranged coach tours as well as using the bus service as a public transport option. Doesn’t quite have the same appeal as perhaps taking a train until you see the savings of course, especially if you are on a budget.

The section on holiday destinations will provide a little bit of an insight into some of the locations you can visit in Europe as a European Traveller. The cities of Europe are steeped in history dating back to the medieval periods and beyond and there is something to interest every European traveller, whether its history, architecture, cycling, walking, scenery or new cultural experiences. So if you are stuck for ideas on where you would like to go or what you would like to see, visit the ‘holiday destinations’ pages for a little bit of inspiration.

Carcassonne is the nearest city to our holiday apartment in the Aude department of Languedoc Roussillon. So if a French gite located very near to, not one but, two World Heritage Sites tickles your fancy then take a look at the accommodation on offer in this beautiful part of France only ten minutes from the famous Canal Du Midi and only thirty five minutes from Carcassonne, who’s famous walled city is featured on the slideshow below.

See the resources page for important FCO bulletins and information from the FCO’s ‘Know Before You Go’ campaigns, produced to keep you out of trouble during your travels throughout Europe and the wider world.

Paris, France

Europe’s most visited city, Paris in France.

A Spanish Tradition

The matador, a truly iconic symbol of Spain

La Cite, Carscassonne

The amazing walled city of Carcassonne, a living, thriving community in a medieval castle.

Madrid, Spain

The Colloseum, Madrid. A perfect example of  Roman influence in Europe.

Ancient Architecture in France

The Pont Du Gard France, one of the many world heritage sites.

Hop On A Ferry to France

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