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Since the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Germany, Berlin has been re-established as the capital of Germany and Germany is the fourth most visited country in Europe.


Population of Germany

Berlin is Germany’s largest city and has a population of around 3.4 million residents from a total population approaching 82 million for the whole of Germany spread throughout it’s 16 Federal States. A fabulous place to visit which is full of history, tradition and culture. There is wonderful scenery throughout from the mountainous region of Bavaria in the South to Schleswig-Holstein in the north.

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For anyone that has travelled throughout Germany before, you will be well aware of just how beautiful a country it is. The architecture and infrastructure of Germany is superb and you will find none of the shabby chic look that you may find in say France or Spain for example. The Germans are a proud nation and that is reflected in everything they do including maintaining their buildings, cleaning their streets and the quality of their public services, both for themselves and visitors to their country.

Beautiful German Countryside

The scenery throughout the country is also spectacular and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and skiing are high on the agenda for many of the visitors to this wonderful country. In fact Germany in winter is a great option for those seeking an alternative to a summer vacation.

Top Tourist Destinations in Germany

The 3 main cities in Germany that see the most visitors each year are: Berlin, Munich & Cologne


Berlin is the most visited destination in Germany and played host to 11.9 million guests in 2014, the vast majority coming from other European countries. Famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie are usually top of the list for visitors to Berlin, but it also offers a lively nightlife, great restaurants, affordable accommodation and relatively cheap public transport. It is the cultural epicentre of Germany and as such one of the must see destinations for any trip to the country.


Munich is a wonderful German city and often comes at the top of the list of polls for being the most desirable location for Germans to live. It has a population of around 1.3 million and is the capital of Bavaria. It is highly valued for its architecture, much of it which had to be restored after the 2nd world war, its culture and museums. It is probably most famous for its Oktoberfest beer festival, the food and drink available in the city is second to none in the world and if you want some of the best Munich has to offer then seek out the Hof Beer House, you will not be disappointed.


Cologne in Germany is famous for its Eau de Cologne but even more famous for its Cathedral and art. It is Germany’s oldest city and famous for its museums, culture and historical treasures, including some from the Roman Empire. Located in the North Rhine it is actually the 4th largest city in Germany and the focal point for the budget airlines which help to cater for its close to 3 million visitors a year. It sits on the Rhine and is the 2nd largest inland port for Germany.

More of the most visited places in Germany

The Bavarian Alps Germany are located in the South East of the country and borders Austria. This region with its gorgeous alpine scenery, chocolate box chateaus and architecture is without doubt one of the most beautiful in Germany. Very popular with skiers, hikers and other outdoor activists attracted by the mountain views, forests and lakes of the region. Munich is the capital of the area and just adds to the overall attraction of Bavaria, no wonder then that is a highly popular tourist destination.

The Black Forest in Germany, called Schwarzwald in German, is another fabulous German holiday destination. Very scenic and famous worldwide, probably because of Black Forest gateau. Similar in many ways to Bavaria it combines unique local customs and products with a fantastic natural backdrop provided by mother nature in the form of the carefully managed pine forests and mountainous terrain. Also very popular with the lovers of the outdoors, particularly skiers and hikers. A great place to buy a cuckoo clock is the town of Triberg home of the largest waterfall in Germany and at the end of a very scenic drive through the Black Forest. Its also very close to the wonderful town of Freiburg another of the must see places in the location.

Saxony Switzerland home to the Saxony Switzerland National Park close to Dresden and sited alongside the River Elbe. It seems that Germany has a little more than its fair share of glorious scenery and this is no exception. Decorated throughout with huge sandstone mountains that have been sculptured by the weather to form an exceptionally beautiful terrain. Some of the more popular cities in Saxony Switzerland are Bad Schandau, Rathen Kurort and Pirna, each one worth a visit in their own right.

Heidelberg Castle located in the South West of Germany, its home is the city of Heidelberg which is a wonderful city to visit. The castle rises high above the city and looks across the rooftops of the old town. The architecture is from the Renaissance and Gothic periods and the Schloss Heidelberg is considered to be the symbol of German Romanticism. That may be because the wine cellar of the castle houses the biggest barrel in the world and is capable of holding more than 55 thousand gallons of wine, not so much a case of beer goggles then, as wine goggle; no wonder they are romantic. English tours of the castle run every day.

Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen in Germany is one of the most visited buildings in Europe, located in Bavaria it was designed to resemble a medieval German knight’s castle. It’s backdrop is the Alps no less, so combine that with the architecture and you have yourself the quintessential fairytale castle straight out of Hansel and Gretal only this time its an icing cake castle rather than a ginger bread house and inspiration for Walt Disney. It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in honour of the composer Richard Wagner. The castle was named after one of Wagner’s characters from an opera called ‘The Swan Knight’, Neuschwanstein means ‘New Swan Castle’.

The Mosel Valley Germany is a wonderful place to visit for anyone wanting to see one of the vineyard regions of Germany with half timbered houses and a smattering of German castles. Source of perhaps some of the best Rieslings in Germany and some would argue the world. Riesling is a white wine and the ones from the Mosel are distinctive due to the slate in the soil where the vines are grown. The Mosel Valley runs from Koblenz in the north down to the city of Trier and a very nice town to visit on route that sits right on the Mosel is Cochem.

Of course there are many more places in Germany to visit, far too many to list here in any detail, but if you want a starter then look for Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Freiberg or perhaps another of the big cities Hamburg.

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