Travel Bags and Lightweight Suitcases

Travel bags and lightweight suitcases for the cabin or for checking in.

European Travel Advice – Travel Luggage Bags

A selection of travel luggage has been included below with some leather luggage choices and travel bags that can be used as hand luggage.

Remember that when using low cost budget airlines you need to be aware not just about the size your travel luggage can be but also how much it weighs. If you turn up at the check in and you are over your quota then charges can be quite significant. It always worth weighing your baggage with a ‘luggage scale’ before setting off to ensure you are not going to be over the limit set by the airline.

Worlds Lightest Cabin Bag for Budget Airlines

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When you arrive at an airport you will meet varying degrees of strictness regarding the weight allowance of your luggage. Some will just merrily wave you through even if you are a few kilos over your allowed weight, others will enforce the rules for even the smallest of increments over the allowed weight. So it is wise to take precautions to ensure you don’t end up being fined or made to pay quite large sums of money for your luggage being overweight.

One trick is to pop your case onto a vacant scale at the check-in desks before you actually go to check-in and make sure you are inside the allowed weight. It is often possible to just juggle a few items from one case to another to ensure that all cases are within the allowance, or maybe slip a jacket on to wear instead of being packed.

You will often find a cage in these areas as well that you can use to check your case also conforms to the physical dimensions allowed. Some budget airlines, EasyJet for example, only have a size constraint and don’t impose a weight restriction. So it is worth finding out what the rules are for the airline you are travelling with; before you set off for the airport ideally. Then you can check your luggage at home where it is easier to do something about the problem.

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